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 Our payment policy is "CASH ONLY".
Deposits are due by the established deadlines provided to Customers.
Appointment times are only guaranteed through Deposit deadline dates.
Customers missing Deposit deadlines must re-schedule.
Deposits and Final Payments are NON-REFUNDABLE.
Customers sign Service Agreement, pays non-refundable fees, and purchases hair.
For Same-Day/Last Minute Service, Customer pays-in-full upon arrival.

  SERVICE                                 DURATION                                PRICE

        FRENCH BRAIDS/FULL HEAD              4-5 HOURS                                        $140    

        FRENCH BRAIDS/HALF HEAD             3-4 HOURS                                          100    

        INTERLOCKS/FULL HEAD                   6-8 HOURS                                         140                   
        INTERLOCKS/HALF HEAD                  6-8 HOURS                                         100 

        SEW-IN TRACKS/FULL HEAD              5-6 HOURS                                         140    

        SEW-IN TRACKS/HALF HEAD             4-5 HOURS                                         100

        SINGLE BRAIDS/FULL HEAD                6-8 HOURS                                         160    

        SINGLE BRAIDS/HALF HEAD               4-6 HOURS                                         100        

        REMOVING FRENCH BRAIDS/HALF HEAD                                                        25

        REMOVING FRENCH BRAIDS/WHOLE HEAD                                                     50

        SAME-DAY/LAST MINUTE FEE (in addition to service)                                      10